Diagnostic Turbomehanika experts have a long-term experience in the field of machinery diagnostics

We perform diagnostics of rotating (and other) machinery malfunction analyzing vibrational and operational behavior of the machines, correlating process and mechanical (vibrational) state and performance. For data acquisition and reduction we use ADRE 408 SXP state of the art diagnostics device by GE-Bently Nevada. We also use two Bently Nevada ADRE 208-P DAIUs with ADRE for Windows software, along with our own software.

We are able to temporarily install and simultaneously acquire more than 100 dynamic channels.
Alongside ADRE we use GE-Bently Nevada Snapshot.
If the problematic machine is connected to machinery management system, we also use data from such a system. Remote analysis can be done, too.
If more channels are needed we use Bently Nevada 3500 Rack with System 1 software for data acquisition and analysis. This allows us to simultaneously acquire virtually unlimited number of vibration as well as other machine parameters.

Analysis is based on the screening the following five vibration quantities:

We conduct IR Thermography surface temperatures qualitative and quantitative measurement using a camera from europe's largest manufacturer TESTO 890.

Except vibrodiagnostics, we conduct IR Thermography surface temperatures qualitative and quantitative measurement using a camera from europe’s largest manufacturer TESTO 890.
High 640×480 resulotion with resolution enhanment to 1.280×960 allows precise and fast diagnostics of surface temperature distribution on machines, pipelines, electrical equipment and buildings.

We do analysis of governing system operation during either static or dynamic mode of operation

For governing system parameters acquisition we use an in-house developed platform based on National Instruments hardware consisting of:
Za sakupljanje parametara regulacije koristimo vlastitu platformu koja se temelji na National Instruments opremi, a sastoji se od:

  • Data acquisition hardware with accessories
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Displacement transmitters
  • Angular displacement transmitters
  • Notebook computer

For data acquistion and analysis we use our own software.

By performing complex analysis by analyzing vibration as well as other data (DyRroBes rotor bearing system numeric modeling, compressors operating point calculation, process values, comparison of equipment state with previous, reference, states) we determine problematic machine condition, make a diagnosis and issue recommendations for machine future operation and we recommend remedy actions. If requested, we can also perform corrective actions and works.

We performed hundreds of machinery condition complex analyses and we also performed complex Condition Based Maintenance programs which included a great number of critical and essential machines. For the list of analysis and maintenance programs we conducted check our Machinery diagnostics references.


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Our specialists have attended a lot of training courses and seminars in Europe and USA and have written a lot of papers in this field and conducted quite a lot of seminars in machinery diagnostics.

As we have “Rotor kit” (dynamic model of the rotating machine), we continuously improve and extend our knowledge in machinery dynamic behaviour


We held a large number of seminars and presentations on contemporary diagnostic and written numerous scientific papers in the field.



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