Workshop In 2013. we built new state of the art facility with enough space allowing us to further improve quality of our services

Our new facilities consist of mechanical workshop, warehouse, instrumentation workshop, instrumentation laboratory for calibration of transducers and measurement equipment, auxiliaries (archive, server room, common room, meeting room, offices)

Main workshop is equipped with a 25 t crane with additional 5 t winch, two rotor balancing machines, one for rotors weighing up to 1 tones and another for balancing of rotors up to 24 tones.

Other equipment includes a turbing machine, milling machine, track saw, vertical drill, hydraulic press allowing needed repairs and manufacture of smaller parts needed for repairs of machinery as well as bracket production for instrumentation works.

We can balance rotor weighing from only few kg up to 24 tonnes with diameters up to 2,5 m and lenghts up to 10 meters. Machines hava achievable sensitivity of 0,5 gmm/ kg per plane.