About us Who are we?


Who are we ?

Turbomehanika is an enterprise for machinery ( especially rotating ) maintenance and repair, design, installation and maintenance of machine governing, protection, monitoring and diagnostics systems, engineering and trade, as well as foreign firms representation.

Our services

  Maintenance, repairs and overhauls of rotating and reciprocating machinery and equipment
 Systems for machinery monitoring, protection and diagnostics design, installation and maintenance
 Turbotrains governing and antisurge systems installation and maintenance
 Machinery and equipment diagnostics and troubleshooting
 Optimization and reconstructions of burners systems on boilers and furnaces
 Non destructive testing
 General Electric Representative – Optimization and control
 Representatives for Birkosit and Filling products

Along with great experiences in conducting, organizing, supervising and executing turbomachinery overhauls and inspections, we have significant knowledge and experience in the following:

    1. rotating machinery vibrational behavior analysis
    2. troubleshooting and elimination of machinery mulfunctions
    3. organization, planning and execution of condition based maintenance
    4. detection and elimination of the electromagnetically induced shaft currents
    5. creating computer programs for estimating centrifugal compressors performance
    6. installation, maintenance and burning systems optimization on boilers and furnaces
    7. maintenance and repair of instrumentation
    8. instrumentation projects making and execution, especially for machinery management systems, monitoring, diagnostics and protection
    9. non destructive testing (NDT)
    10. performing thermodynamic calculations
    11. creating computer software for machinery balancing and diagnostics
    12. installation and configuration of on-line machinery diagnostics systems
    13. on-site balansing of rotating machinery from small fans to large turbogenerators exceeding 300 MW

Turbomehanika has the following experts:

engineers specialists for rotating equipment, engineers specialists for instrumentation and systems for monitoring, protection and diagnostics, engineers specialists for NDT, burner systems specialists, technicians specialists for rotating equipment, technicians specialists for NDT, technicians specialists for instrumentation and craftsman specialists for rotating equipment and instrumentation. They all have good references with many well known OEMs (GE, Siemens, Dresser-Rand, Bently Nevada, Alstom, Saacke, John Zink, Mitsubishi Hitachi, etc).

We cooperate with many experts-specialists from other specialist firms and with scientific institutions.

We have succesfully conducted a large number of significant projects.
For a list of major works please check our references.