NDT Non Destructive Testing

Turbomehanika d.o.o., Kutina is developing Non Destructive Testing (NDT) as the integral part of machines and equipment maintenance service. Machines and equipment are daily exposed to severe stress (usually dynamic) that can cause wear, fatigue and mechanical damage of the parts. In most cases, such damage does not occur momentarily but is a lasting process. NDT is irreplaceable part of machine and equipment diagnostics because it is possible to determine the state of parts and act in a preventive manner to avoid critical defects.

In our daily work we use basic NDT methods and techniques as well as specific techniques developed for particular parts:

TT – thermography

VT – visual testing

PT – liquid penetrant testing (dye-pen)

MT – magnetic particles testing

UT – ultrasonic testing

ECT – eddy currents testing

Application of each method depends on the plethora of influential factors. Our experience working with rotating machines enables us to apply the appropriate methods in a proper way and achieve optimal testing results.

All the tests are conducted in accordance with written procedures. Written procedures are made based on customer requirements and international standards. Personnel conducting the tests is trained and certified according to EN ISO 9712 requirements.

Each test is followed by a written report which remains as a lasting record of the part condition. This allows future follow ups and part condition monitoring.

Besides performing the tests, we can provide consulting services for creating quality plans (inspection and testing plans), choosing appropriate methods for testing and establishing acceptance criteria for particular parts. We also provide the service of surveys and testing supervision on different objects.

Several usual types of objects from our practice:
– testing of steam turbine parts
– testing of compressor parts
– testing of heat exchanger tubes using eddy currents
– testing of welds in metal constructions
– testing of slide bearings….



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