Burners / Combustion Optimization We provide specialized services on burner systems

Our authorized engineers for burners have expertize in performing detailed analysis of thermo energetic facilities and process furnaces operation and based on results perform required corrections and improvements with goal to achieve more efficient operation and fulfilling ecological norms and legal requirements

Turbomehanika has authorized service engineer for John Zink Hamworthy Combustion (USA) and Saacke (Germany) burners. We have a licence for JZ’s simulator for burners’ operation in process furnaces and boilers.

Together with our partners (MHPSES, John Zink, Saacke) we can offer and execute reconstructions and modernizations of steam generators and furnaces. Up-to-date technologies will be applied to reduce exhaust gases emission

Our engineers’ long term experience and membership in chambers (HKIS, HKIG, HKIE) enebles us to provide supervison on erection and reconstruction of thermoenergetic facilities

Our services are based on:

    • Analysis of the state, making study for progress and operation adjustments of thermal plants.
    • Measurement of flue gases and analysis of combustion.
    • Supervision of construction and reconstruction of power plants and overhaul operations on stationary equipment.