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Who are we ?

Turbomehanika is an enterprise for machinery ( especially rotating ) maintenance and repair, design, installation and maintenance of machine governing, protection, monitoring and diagnostics systems, burner systems, engineering and trade, as well as foreign firms representation.

Maintenance, repairs, overhauls and delivery of rotating and reciprocating machinery and equipment
Systems for machinery monitoring, protection and diagnostics design, installation and maintenance
Turbotrains governing and antisurge systems installation and maintenance
Machinery and equipment diagnostics and troubleshooting
Optimization and reconstructions of burners systems on boilers and furnaces, VRU, Flares, Ecology

Business priorities

The main priority of the company Turbomehanika is the satisfaction of our clients with the quality of services that we provide. Our mission is creating a dynamic and open businesses, and in relation to the business environment contribute to the realization of our own vision. Through business approach we strive to create mutual trust in the relationship with clients. Today’s business environment requires us to deliver quality solutions at competitive prices, and also demands that we act ethically and responsibly. It is essential to maintain the integrity and act in accordance with the law and regulations that govern our global business activities.


Turbomehanika has no credit to make mistakes!
That is the principle statement in our Quality Assurance Policy.
Why are we not allowed to make mistakes?

    • damages caused by our mistakes can be extremely huge and expensive
    • as we work on machines and plants that process very toxic and/or explosive fluids, consequences of our mistakes can lead to ecological catastrophes and can cause huge human casualties.


    High competence

    Turbomehanika consists of the following experts: engineers specialists for rotating equipment, engineers specialists for instrumentation and systems for monitoring, protection and diagnostics, engineers specialists for NDT, technicians specialists for rotating equipment, technicians specialists for NDT, technicians specialists for instrumentation and craftsman specialists for rotating equipment and instrumentation. They all have good references with many well-known OEMs (GE, Siemens, Dresser-Rand, Bently Nevada, Alstom etc).



    The basic features of our approach are professionalism, reliability, timeliness and focus on the result which eventually leads to the fulfillment of our vision and complete satisfaction of our customers. Our goal is to fully preserve business integrity. Business integrity, among other things, means honesty and respect for the law. It also means taking responsibility for one’s actions and their consequences. Our success as a company and as individuals depends on the unique contributions of all the people we work with. We owe each other honesty, and fair treatment.


    Customers use our services and solutions because they trust them. They believe in their quality, believe in their value and believe that we stand behind what we offer. Turbomehanika wants to preserve that trust. Our fundamental responsibility is to ensure that users can trust the safety and quality of our products and services. Turnomehanika actively seeks opportunities to contribute to the communities in which we operate and improve the environment that sustains us all. We strive to continuously improve our environmental performance through resource conservation, waste minimization and energy efficiency.